Midsummer Fairy-Tale - An Indie Music & Faire Fantasy Experience

Come and get lost in dance to the thrilling tribal drums, watch in awe of Indie, Celtic, and Folk bands, be a part of amazing stage shows that will keep you on the edge of your seat, and entangle yourself with otherworldly entertainers and beings…


The Milk Carton kids

Listening to The Milk Carton Kids — Joey Ryan and Kenneth Pattengale — talk about their creative process, it’s easy to imagine them running in opposite directions even while yoked together. “Joey and I famously have an adversarial relationship,” Pattengale says. They dig at each other in interviews and on stage, where Ryan plays his own straight man, while Pattengale tunes his guitar. The songs emerge somewhere in the silences and the struggle between their sensibilities. They have been known to argue over song choices. They have been known to argue about everything from wardrobe to geography to grammar. But their singing is the place where they make room for each other and the shared identity that rises out of their combined voices. Defying the conventions of melody and harmony is a strategy The Milk Carton Kids have consciously embraced. “Sometimes we’ll switch parts for a beat or a bar or a note,” Ryan says. “And that starts to obfuscate what is the melody and what is the supporting part because we think of both of them being strong enough to stand alone.

“There are only so many things you can do alone in life that allow you to transcend your sense of self for even a short period,” Pattengale continues. “I’m the lucky recipient of a life in which for hundreds of times, day after day, I get to spend an hour that is like speaking a language only two people know and doing it in a space with others who want to hear it.


Since making their acclaimed debut with 2013’s Dark Holler Pop, North Carolina-bred fourpiece Mipso have captivated audiences with their finely layered vocal harmonies, graceful fluency in the timeless musical traditions of their home state, and a near-telepathic musical connection that makes their live show especially kinetic.

On their self-titled sixth album and Rounder Records debut, fiddle player Libby Rodenbough, mandolinist Jacob Sharp, guitarist Joseph Terrell, and bassist Wood Robinson share their most sonically adventurous and lyrically rich work to date, each moment charged with the tension between textural effervescence and
an underlying despair about the modern world…

The Tossers

One of the first and most enduring bands on the Celtic punk underground, Chicago’s the Tossers mix the attitude and swagger of punk rock with a muscular but respectful approximation of Irish traditional folk music. Formed in Chicago, Illinois in 1993 by Anthony “T.” Duggins, the group’s lead singer and mandolin player, the Tossers developed a reputation for their storming live show and busy touring schedule, and they influenced similarly minded bands such as the Dropkick Murphys and Flogging Molly.

The Tossers released The Valley of the Shadow of Death (2005), Agony (2007), Gloatin’ and Showboatin’: Live on St. Patrick’s Day (2008), On a Fine Spring Evening (2008), The Emerald City (2013) and Smash the Windows (2017) with Victory Records.

Beta Radio

Rooted in vocal harmonies, acoustic and electric guitar, piano, banjo and an eclectic range of additional instrumentation and soulful arrangements, Beta Radio’s Americana-folk sound is the result of a decade-long collaboration between Ben Mabry and Brent Holloman.

Mabry and Holloman met at summer camp in the North Carolina mountains while on break from high school and immediately formed a musical kinship, bonding over the sounds of another musical duo, Simon and Garfunkel. Throughout high school and college, they found themselves in multiple hard rock and metal bands, an ironic juxtaposition considering the 60’s folk sound that first brought them together. Later, through a cycle of “on again, off again” writing and demoing during and after college, Mabry and Holloman had a collection of songs ready for a studio, and in the winter of 2009 they sat down to record their debut album, Seven Sisters. Seven Sisters was recorded and distributed without label support and enjoyed a grassroots success built largely on the back of internet music services Pandora and Spotify.

Beta Radio’s most recent studio release, Colony of Bees, is a layered and ethereal offering that treads into new territory while at the same time managing to effortlessly keep one foot firmly rooted in the Americana-folk arena that they have called home for many years. The Huffington Post calls Colony of Bees “sonically lovely” and included it in the top ten roundup of their 40 “Best Albums of 2014.”

Young Dubliners

The Young Dubliners have released nine albums to date. The set on the upcoming dates will draw from all their albums and include unreleased new material.

In recent years the Young Dubs have appeared on ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live! had songs featured in TV shows (Sons Of Anarchy, Human Target) and toured extensively as a headliner and as the opener for such a diverse list of artists as Collective Soul, Jethro Tull, Johnny Lang, Los Lobos, Chris Isaak and many more.

Although the Young Dubliners sound is most commonly called ‘Celtic Rock’, that label can often be misleading. The Irish influence is certainly there, but it’s not the only influence that bursts through on their albums or live shows. After all, several of the band members have no Irish roots of any kind. “That was always the idea”, explains Roberts “The sound was intended to be a hybrid because we all come from different backgrounds. Even though I am from Ireland, a lot of the music I listened to growing up wasn’t Irish at all, but when I got here, I got homesick and developed a new appreciation for Irish Music. In truth the Celtic riffs can just as easily come from the American band members. Everyone writes now so you never know what you’ll end up with.

Old Sea Brigade (Acoustic)


Life happens between all of the changes around us. We adapt to the ebbs and flows in our environment and ultimately grow in the middle of major milestones.

Old Sea Brigade documents the space between those changes in his songs. Atlanta-born and Nashville-based singer, songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist Ben Cramer captures anxiety, nostalgia, confusion, love, loss, and, ultimately, hope in tender true-life snapshots colored by folk eloquence, Americana bliss, and rock energy.

He welcomes everyone to flip through those snapshots on his 2021 second full-length offering, Motivational Speaking [Nettwerk]

“The songs are like little movies of my life,” he explains. “Motivational Speaking revolves around change and dealing with the fact that impermanence is inescapable.”

Like any timeless scrapbook, the album evolved as a living and breathing entity over the course of the past two years. Before that, Ben initially debuted Old Sea Brigade in 2015 with his self-titled independent debut EP. It yielded “Love Brought Weight,” which gathered over 41 million Spotify streams and counting. After the Cover My Own EP and Songs for the Holidays EP, he unveiled his 2019 full-length debut, Ode To A Friend. He garnered praise from Boston Globe, UPROXX, Glide, and No Depression and hit the road with Julian Baker, Joseph, Lewis Watson, and Luke Sital-Singh. He developed an undeniable chemistry with Luke that carried over to the studio as they teamed up on the collaborative All the Ways You Sing in the Dark EP. With both musicians off the road due to the Global Pandemic, they chose to unveil the project in 2020, and it generated nearly 3 million streams in the span of a few months. In addition to acclaim from American Songwriter, Atwood Magazine claimed, “Old Sea Brigade and Luke Sital-Singh have struck gold on their soulfully soothing new EP.”

The Hunts

Somewhere between woodsy and magic, The Hunts are a Virginia based indie-alternative folk band. With a fusion of earthy and atmospheric tones, the seven brothers and sisters write their music together with quality and spirit. 

Acquiring over 17 million Spotify streams, the band’s self-released album has attained syncs with MTV, national commercials, the Starbucks playlist, films, and documentaries.

The Hunts have opened for world class bands such as Judah and the Lion, X-Ambassadors, The Fray, OAR, etc and have appeared at world renowned music festivals and stages including Austin City Limits, Red Rocks, Firefly and Summerfest.

The Hunts have toured the nation for over 10 years and continue to gain and inspire a rising following everywhere.

Adam Hurst

“There are some artists whose work literally stops you dead in your tracks. You catch your breath, transfixed, afraid that if you breathe it might fade and dissolve. Encountering art at this level triggers an immediate, intimate familiarity, yet it is unlike anything you know, only what you have hoped would be. The experience is transporting, ecstatic, poignant and achingly beautiful all at once, in a moment of meeting that you will never forget. This was my experience in first hearing the music of Adam Hurst” -Robert Gould 

World Renowned cellist and composer Adam Hurst uses his instrument as a melodic voice to create passionate and emotive musical poetry that speaks to the soul. His music has hints of Middle Eastern, Indian, Eastern European, Native American, Latin and Celtic traditions while being completely his own. He has performed throughout the world and has been commissioned to compose and perform original work for Film and dance performances. His music has played on various radio shows around the world including Echoes and Hearts of Space on NPR stations. Adam Hurst’s compelling live performances are not to be missed.


Merchant List periodically updated June 1st – August 7th

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Guild List Periodically updated June 1st – August 7th

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Kingdom Concessions

Stand 1 – Kingdom concession 

1. Highlander Burger – Potato Bun, lettuce, tomato, and corned beef, topped with Irish cheddar cheese, and a Irish whisky BBQ sauce. Served with seasoned fries.

2. Irish Tacos – Two corn tortillas filled with corned beef, crispy cabbage, guacamole, Irish cheddar cheese, and a whisky cream sauce.

3. Celtic Loaded Fries – A bed of fries loaded with corned beef, sour cream, cheese sauce, and bacon (or beef) crumbles, with a side of thousand island.


Bread Pudding – Single size sweet bread pudding served in a cup

Stand 2 – Traditional Favorites

1. Meat Pies – Beef meat pie, available also in chicken, and lamb.

2. Giant Turkey Legs – Juicy Giant Turkey Leg, large.

3. German Bratwurst – Sauerkraut, and a German beer bratwurst served in a pretzel bun.

4. Steak on a stick – Marinated meat chunks seasoned and grilled on a stick


Elvish Fried Dough – Funnel cake mix made in an elf head shape cooking mold, topped with powdered sugar, whipped cream, and a raspberry sweet sauce.

Stand 3 – South Of The Border

Street Tacos – Chicken & Steak street tacos

Tortas – A specialty sandwich made with Beef or chicken

Quesadilla – Grilled tortillas and cheese with Beef or Chicken

Loaded Fries – A bed of fries loaded with a sour cream chipotle sauce, steak crumbles, cheese sauce, and guacamole, with a twinge of lime.




Stand 1 – Bottled Sodas, Bottled Water, Dragons Blood Slushie & Pink & Reg lemonade in a cup.

Stand 2 – Bottled Sodas, Bottled Water, Blackberry Tea, & Thai Tea.

Stand 3 – Bottled Sodas, Bottled Water, Aqua Fresca’s (Horchata, Pina, & Watermelon)

Cart – Snack Items & Drinks

Pretzels with cheese sauce

Churros with a cream cheese sauce

Nachos house cheese on chips

Basic Hot Dog

Alcohol tba

Other vendors 

Ohana Shave Ice – Kitchen Witch Tea Booth

Schedule Main Music stage (Faire Hours 10-8 Sat - 10-5 Sun)


12 – The Pikeys 

1 – Adam Hurst (worldcello)

2 – Brother Angus

3 – The Hunts

4 – Old Sea Brigade (Acoustic)

5 – The Tossers

6 – Young Dubliners 

7 – The Milk Carton Kids


12 – Black Eyed Dempseys

1 – Adam Hurst

2 – Jessica Malone

3 – Beta Radio

4 – Mipso

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