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To start off this Telegram, we at Kingdom of Harron would like to thank all of our event participants for helping to make Iron Horse Country Music Fest such a success. During these unprecedented times our industry in particular has taken a substantial financial hit; in the form of over 9 billion dollars in total lost revenue due to cancelled events across the events industry. 

Throughout the lifetime of this event Kingdom of Harron has monitored the numbers of reported COVID-19 cases throughout California, and has been sure to follow the advice of all relevant health departments. The safety of our attendees and performer’s has consistently been our top priority as we have executed different aspects of the event. In light of this, and in light of this event’s success, we have decided to move the location of the concert to a venue that can better accommodate the safety needs of our attendees and performers. In addition, this venue change allows us to give our attendees an overall better concert experience. The new location will accommodate a larger stage, better viewing for our attendees, and will eliminate the need for a stage in the round, in favor of a traditional stage; meaning that no one will be looking at the back of any performers heads. 

The new venue, Bradley Ranch Winery is located approximately 30 minutes southwest of the Amador County Fairgrounds, and provides substantially more space for attendees which allows us to better ensure their safety at the event. We hope that the change in location does not cause too much of an inconvenience for any of our current ticket holders, and we have contacted all of them individually to ensure that we are accommodating their needs accordingly. We look forward to this event and we are confident this change in location will provide a substantially better concert going experience for everyone involved. And want to thank all of our attendees and supporters for making this event possible. 

New Location: https://www.bradleyranch.com/