Event FAQ's And Rules

Q: Do you offer a military/senior discount?

A: Yes! Thank you for asking! The Prices of such discount Vary Event To Event, so please reach out to hello@kingdomofharron.com for information!


Q: Can I have a pit fire in my camping area?

 A: Most Locations ban the use of fire-pits in camping areas on fair-grounds and parks. Wood/Charcoal fueled fires are generally allowed away from the public as long as referencing rules in the “Fire Code” link in the footer. Please check local ordinances before starting a fire.


Q: I lost my tickets confirmation email, is there a place where i can recover my tickets? 

A: Yes, please reach out to brian@kingdomofharron.com with the email used to purchase tickets and we can look it up for you!


Q: Do you charge for parking?

 A: Yes, prices vary event to event and they range from $5-$10


Q: Can I bring outside food/beverages?

A: We offer a variety of fresh, delicious food for our guests to enjoy at concession stands throughout our events; however, we understand that guests may need to bring outside food and drink into our events. Please note the following guidelines for bringing food and drink into our events:

Acceptable items:

  1. One water bottle per guest (up to 16 oz).

  2. Any food required for medical purposes and medically–indicated nutritional supplements

  3. Any food required for special dietary needs

  4. Baby food/baby formula

Prohibited items:

  1. Picnic lunches

  2. Any Food that requires heating or refrigeration

  3. Alcohol and glass containers (excluding baby food jars)

  4. Coolers of any type.


  6. Q: Are Pets allowed?

  7.  A: No, unless the pet is a certified service animal, then it is your legal right to bring them with you. Birds/snakes/lizards are allowed, if properly held and maintained. Keep in mind that K.O.h. is not responsible for the potential loss/death of your pet. any actions your pet takes on another party is on you, and you agree to hold k.o.h. harmless of claims resulting from the attendance of your pet.


  9. Q: May i distribute pamphlets or informational material at your events?

  10. A: No, security will be escorting anyone in breach of this out of the event venue.


  12. Q: Will the event go in adverse weather conditions?

  13. A: Events are open rain, heat, or shine. All events will continue as usual unless there is an imminent threat to your safety or life.


  15. Q: May I bring my costume weapons with me?

  16. A:Yes. All weapons must be sheathed and peace-tied. You may not have exposed steel. Our security team at the entrance gate(s) will assist you if you do not know how to peace tie your weapon. This includes bows. 



  17. Q: Am I going to have fun at your events?

  18. A: Yes, we believe you are! Many people have left reviews showing how much they love our events! Come to an event and see for yourself!